Be you; Do you. The rest will follow.

Boss: Know no bounds

Be you; Do you. The rest will follow!

Embrace you for you; embrace your style. Not too long ago, as I was starting up my small business, I would often peruse other stores and online businesses to see what was hot on the market. While there is a place to keep up with current trends, you can only be truly great (and genuine for that matter), if a project personifies you.

It is very difficult to do something and be passionate about something when it isn’t your style. It’s even more challenging to market your products when it is not in line with your vision. Branding your products, specifically if you are maker or a crafter, will be essential in marketing your merchandise/ crafts/ products.

So here I am being upfront and honest with who I am with you; and what my personal style is all about.

I’ve always loved colour and use of pattern. I love bohemian & funk style. If it’s bright, you know I’m all about it. Florals, yup!! My entire closet is full of florals. Geometric shapes; best believe it. Rocker chic, right on right on. Cutesy things, I’m all over it. Could it fit the 70s or 80s genre? Then for sure it’s my style.

Some people may see it as tacky, and for some, it may drive them up the wall when things seem “too busy”. Hearing that used to bug me. Over these years, I’ve come to terms that your style isn’t their style. How boring would that be if everyone was the same? Those who see your passion for what you do will see it in your work. And when you do great work, people ask you to do work for them. It has brought me great joy being a part of my customers’ celebrations through my creations. You will often see bright colours in my work…However, I will also tailor to people’s styles for their celebrations. There is nothing more that makes me happy when people tell me my stuff was “a great hit”.

For that, I am eternally grateful that I’ve learnt to love my personal style, do great work, and share that work with others willing to invest in me. Afterall, people who choose me to do their party décor, whether it’s their banners, backdrops, party favours, etc., could have picked someone else, but they invested in me. For that, I say thank you.

Do what you love, love what you do. Be you, and always do you. The rest will follow.

Always me, SoireeFrillsCo.

Boss-in-training: No-no bounds

Don’t feel the need to conform to the norm

I have always dressed both my daughters in bright colours from the time they were born to the present day. Sometimes their outfits are a bit much, especially when I see them around other kids who are dressed in ‘current trends’ and are wearing outfits that could have been featured on a trendy Instagram account. I remember one day feeling slightly embarrassed that my kids were in mismatched colourful outfits during a party and I remember clearly how I felt when it was pointed out to me (several times that day, I might add) how their pants and tops did not match.

A few weeks later, while getting my daughters ready for another party, the critique was ringing in my ears, which then prompted me to tell my (older) daughter that she needed to wear the black colour leggings with the bright patterned top because you surely can’t wear two bright pieces of clothing articles together. She was upset, because a few weeks ago, she wore something similar & she could not understand why all of a sudden I was telling she couldn’t. Needless to say, I argued with a 4 year old for 10 minutes before the argument ended. Can you guess who won?

It wasn’t me, I did not win. I spent some time reflecting afterwards on what had happened there. Where was this coming from? It then dawned on me; I was falling in that trap of being a people pleaser. Because I was made to feel embarrassed a few weeks back, I did not want a replay of those emotions. And perhaps a part of me was justifying my behaviours in that I did not want her to feel embarrassed. But you know what? On that day when I tried to make her switch outfits, she was so happy to pick out her outfit all by herself (like a big girl) & I remember her being the happiest kid amongst the other kids. She was laughing and running, and she reminded me of a free bird. She was comfortable in her own skin. And when I realized this epiphany, I was disappointed in myself. I have prided myself in being okay with being different all my life, yet here I was trying to conform my daughters to the norm.

Since that day, I allow my daughter to pick out her own outfits (but of course only intervene if she wants to wear that same flower girl dress for the millionth time that same week, lol) . Afterall, it is wonderful for them to have that autonomy for self-expression and allow them to explore who they want to be. It is amazing how much they already know what they like or do not like at the age of 4.

These kiddos teach me, and remind me, that what hits home for me as an adult, are relevant life lessons to kiddos who are also mini adults in the making.

Dear Elle and Enne,
The real life lesson here is that we are all different and we all have the right to be different. People are always going to judge and sometimes try to bring you down with what they think is right and what’s wrong. Sometimes you will love what’s in & what’s trendy. There will be moments when you have similar opinions from those around you. But there are going to be challenging times when what you like or think  is going to be vastly different from others. Embrace the differences; embrace what feels right to you. Those are the circumstances that will test, but define, your character.  If people try to make you feel bad, be strong & stay committed. Those that you love will love you for who you are, quirks and all.  Don’t feel the need to conform to the norm. You are brilliant the way you are in what you do and how you do.

Love,  Mom


New Year, Modified you

2017! New year, fresh start, new ventures to work towards your aspiring goals. People don’t typically have to wait until the new year to try something new or to jump start on an aspiration, however a new year rejuvenates and provide fuel for that engine waiting to be ignited….and I am certainly feeling ignited.

For years now, I have aspired to participate in the blogging world. This year, I am committing to blogging weekly about two  topics that I am very passionate about.

The first topic; “Boss: Know no bounds” will be about my insights and experience as an aspiring entrepreneur of a small craft business. Every week, I will be highlighting what motivated me throughout the week as it relates to my small business.

As many of you know, ‘building your empire’,so to speak, is no small feat; especially when you are a mom of two young children (both currently under the age of four), have another professional career during the week, have a household to run, & of course, have other life roles. It’s a juggling act, it’s literally a circus.

“Boss: Know no bounds” will feature my motivation throughout the week, what message resonated with me, & what lesson I learned.  It’ll be my lens into my journey of building my business  & how I keep going at it despite the challenges that come my way .

My second topic, “Boss-in-training: No-no bounds” will highlight lessons & perspectives I want to pass on to my two daughters. As a mother of two girls, I often sit and think at night (of course after they’ve gone to bed & I’ve had a moment to reset my brain) what main life lessons do I want them to know growing up; what personality traits do I hope for them: in order for them to thrive in this complicated world. When they are this little, all you want to do is hold on tight, protect them forever, and have them live in this ‘flowery bubble’. But we all know that isn’t reality. At some point, you have to let your kids develop their wings & let them fly. So as scary as it is as a parent to let your kids fly, just knowing that allowing them to fly & flourish is how they will thrive in life.

“Boss-in-training: No-no bounds” are life lessons that are important to me & what I’d love to teach my daughters.It will highlight the “dont’s” , which will then shift in the “do’s. This will document my advice for my girls on  how to be your own boss in their world.

In sharing my insights, I’m hoping this blog will inspire other entrepreneurs (that girl boss, lady boss, mister boss, boss man) & other moms raising their kiddos. Plus this blogosphere will be my platform in documenting the trials & tribulations I learn as I go in this wild adventure as an aspiring entrepreneur & mother.