The weekly review- week 1

I’m Soiree, not sorry
Celebrating, unapologetically

The weekly review- week 1

Self-compassion. Forgiveness. It’s hard to get through everything on your list. It’s even harder to be compassionate towards yourself when you fall short of what you hoped to achieve. And I know that I get disappointed when things are not checked off my list.
Mindfulness meditation has been one of the easier activities to tackle this week. The more challenging one(s) are “physical activity”and “pay it forward “. But I must say, one cool process that is starting to take unfold, is that now, every so often throughout the day, I will mentally find opportunities where I can consciously do those 12 items on the list. Mindfulness and intention.
My plant, by the way is starting to grow new buds….and roots on the fallen leaves are starting to grow. Go figure. This has been a neat experiment thus far.

Here’s to week two.


The pleasantries of the unexpected

I’m Soiree, not sorry
Celebrating, unapologetically

The pleasantries of the unexpected

On my desk was an unexpected, (but pleasant )surprise. The best gestures are the ones that are done “just because”; when there’s no ulterior motivations behind the  gesture. In this day in age, where skepticism and doubt is almost the norm, it is sometimes hard to fathom that there are just genuine, kind souls that actually do exist. But the one thing my heart is opening up to more, especially now that I am trying to at least be cognizant, and ideally practice a daily act of ‘paying it forward’ , the more my mind is opening up to the idea that maybe there are all sorts of genuine acts happening all the time, if only I open up my eyes to see them.
The unexpected piece of knowledge that is starting to unfold within this #soireeprojectgrowth, is that there is soooooo much good in this world,….and that there is so much good to give;  & there are sooo many people doing good things for us all the time,…and yet they can often go unnoticed when our blinders are constantly focused and immersed in the non-stop, go-go-go of today’s cultural pace.

It’s not about seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses, it’s about seeing the world (and people) at face value for what they truly are.
I challenge you to find those unexpected pleasantries,…because maybe, just maybe, you will then realize how present “the good” is in your life (whatever that “good in your life is”); & how that goodness  can multiply exponentially.

The Bucket List

I’m Soiree, not sorry                                     Celebrating, unapologetically 

The bucket list

We all have a bucket list. It’s a list of all the things one wants to accomplish during the span of one’s lifetime. It’s  funny how experiencing a death of a loved one expedites your desire to get those items on your bucket list checked off.
One thing that is beginning to materialize these past few weeks, is that these bucket list items don’t have to be grand at all.
I am truly finding solace in finding at least one thing to be grateful for; or trying to find at least one way to pay it forward to ignite a random act of kindness; or identifying at least personal strength of mine. And the more I’m consistent with implementing these practices, the clearer it becomes to me that daily mindfulness practices such as these is essential. Maybe I had the idea of bucket list all wrong before. I always thought of bucket list items as large grand event occurrences ( ie. hike Mount Everest). Maybe if we see our bucket list as everyday, acts of kindness & gratitude, then maybe we will find a richness in our daily. Maybe if we shifted our expectations of our bucket list checklist as those beautiful, but often too rare, wondrous life moments, then maybe,…just maybe… won’t be that monotonous rigmarole pace we often complain about.

Sharing the spotlight

I’m Soiree, not sorry             Celebrating, unapologetically

Sharing the spotlight

Tell them they are great. Tell them that you notice the work they do. Tell them that it matters. And most importantly, tell them that you think of them.

Just because you let someone know they are doing great doesn’t mean it’ll get to their head. Just because you compliment someone else on the work that they do, doesn’t mean it takes away from how you, yourself, are also great. Telling someone they are wonderful doesn’t make you a suck up or a goody-two-shoes.

Allowing others to have the spotlight can bring so much joy to someone’s day, especially in the hustle bustle of the type of society we currently live in. A small gesture of giving something to someone because it reminded you of them, can be so empowering for others, and for you.

I often hear that people say that they are not in the business of what they do to be told they are doing great work. But I  am also a believer in that even if being told you are great is not the sole purpose of why you do what you do, it does not mean you still don’t deserve credit where it’s due every now and then.

Imagine if we lived in a world where giving and receiving compliments was commonplace. How much more beautiful the world would be.

I challenge you to allow yourself to hand the spotlight to people in your life every so often. Allowing others to shine makes you a star.

Self, Solo, Strength

I’m Soiree, not sorry                Celebrating, unapologetically

Self, Solo, Strength

Self-care is being selfless. You really can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first. This is an especially true concept for mothers. As a mom, your instinct is to put your children first before your own needs. While I agree wholeheartedly with this philosophy, everyone,in general, and ESPECIALLY mothers, need to prioritize their self-care as often as they change their underwears (yes, even changing your gitch is self-care).

This past week has been extremely difficult, particularly with the roller coaster of emotions. And it became very apparent that self-care for myself, was critical to fulfilling my other life roles (mother, wife, daughter, health care professional, etc).

So this week I spent a lot of solo time, which was exactly what I needed.


I went to a large market craft sale, thirdnbird, to be exact, which is fuel for my soul. The energy was amazing, and I got to go at my own pace. Plus, I fed my paper and jewelry addiction, and I bought local artwork & geometric accessories. If you know me, craft shopping is just the best !!!


It was a brief stop, but nonetheless, a best stop at a trendy coffee shop, Thom Bargen. If you know me well, you would also know I am obsessed with coffee. And I just love sitting in cafes. I can do that for endless hours. I had the best seat in the house, as I watched traffic go down the busy downtown street. And while it was only a brief 20 minutes, it was the most relaxing thing for my mind to wander aimlessly and imagine made up stories of passer-byers (imagining where they were off to, what they were chatting about, etc). I used to do that as a kid all the time. I left feeling recharged,  not only because of the caffeine, but also because I sat in stillness after a chaotic few hours of market shopping.


Such therapy. That’s my painting in the featured image for today’s post. It was my first time. And while the painting is far from perfect, this painting is forever staying with me.  It has sentimental value given the timing it was done. It happened earlier this Tuesday when all I wanted to do was stay in my PJs and spend another day watching my PVR shows, and commiserate in my misery. But I mustered all my strength to attend the session I signed up for. In retrospect, it was the best thing I could do for my soul at that moment. Engaging in therapeutic activity has such a powerful impact, especially when for me, creativity is such a passionate outlet for me. That sunset, I take it, is symbolic for beautiful endings, which I needed to remind myself, of how my grandmother led a beautiful life and that her time on earth ended so peacefully. It’s amazing how the world works to emphasize powerful messages, at least I believe this wholeheartedly.


This is day 5 of this #Soireeprojectgrowth and what this is doing for me is building consistency. And strength, personal & internal strength. And it’s also emphasizing some daily activities I wanna integrate in my daily habits. So far, so good. Can’t wait for my weekly review to see where I’m at.

Thanks for joining me in my journey thus far.


I’m Soiree, not sorry             Celebrating unapologetically 


Goodbyes. They say “it’s not goodbye, but more like see you later”. I think it’s a phrase that was made up to make situations more digestible. And maybe that’s what certain life situations call for.

Death. Funerals. What a long emotional week.  Burials, I think, are a marking of the initial stages of closure. It’s kind of like in sewing, when you tie knots in the end of the stitching to make sure the item doesn’t unravel. It’s to keep the piece as a ‘whole’ and make it complete. At least for me, today marked the closure of my grandmother’s life on earth. I know technically, she passed away last week, but for me, the burial/ funeral marks the official closure or celebration of her earthling life.

Closure. Sense of one chapter ending. So important. If I didn’t have closure, I would only imagine this grief would continue to linger, Not to say that I will no longer grieve, but I think it makes moving forward easier.

Just like in a storybook,  each ending chapter leads into the unfolding of the next chapter, which contributes to the overall story.  And I think, just because one chapter ends, doesn’t mean you can’t go back to reflecting on the chapter. After all, the rest of the story would not be in existence without the prior chapters, right?

And I have to admit, the saying ‘it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later’ does soften the blow of closures. And perhaps we all need those catch phrases to make life a bit more bearable in bite size pieces. Cuz death is a b.itch.

Good night Lola. See you later.

Blasting from the past

 I’m Soiree, not sorry,            Celebrating unapologetically 

Blasting from the past

Memories can pop up with the simple senses: a song, a phrase, a scent, an environment.

One of my prompts in my daily journal is “one memory”.

If it’s one thing this recent family death has emphasized for me, it is to think about all the feel-good childhood and adolescent (& even early adulthood)  memories that make you think about the person who passed away.

In a go-go type of world, it is sooo easy to just live life with each fleeting moment without taking a moment to pause; and think. Intentionally. And my world , right now, is just go go go go go go!!!

So here’s to intentional memory-tripping. Among this chaos that goes on your head during time of grief, there must be time to think about the good memories to keep you going. Imagine a world where you sat and immersed yourself in a ‘feel-good’ moment in your life Oma daily basis? Or imagine wher doing ‘blast from the past’ was just common practice?

I’m curious to see where this daily journey takes me. I have to admit, intentional seeking the of “one memory” is challenging, but I anticipate it gets easier with practice. And I anticipate that the more I think about the past, the more I will  have more gratitude.