Defining the #Girlboss



I’m Soiree, not sorry. Celebrating unapologetically

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Defining the #Girlboss 

Find what works for you. Part of being a #Girlboss is capitalizing on your strengths & leaving out what doesn’t work for you.

When you’re a novice #girlboss, sometimes you don’t know what works….try it out. You fail, keep that mental note, & try a different strategy. Remember this,… failure is part of the process. But it does not define you. You can only know what you’re made of if you go for it. You will never have growth if you stand still.
At the heart of it all, as long as you are authentically YOU, people will fall in love with you and your product. Don’t try to be a mould of someone else, because people will see right through the phony. And when you’re trying to be someone you’re not, it always feels so effort-FULL.


I’m loud. So I gravitate towards colour & patterns.
I’m a lone wolf. So I work alone. On my own terms. On my schedule. (Because goodness knows the other side of my life is full of regimented deadlines & working for someone else).
SoireeFrillsCo is my creative outlet, my thing, my “one different cloth”.
Do what works for you. Ask yourself “How do I envision my one different cloth?”
Answer that….& you’ll be golden.

Always, SoireeFrillsCo.

Boss-in-training: No-no bounds

The blog for my growing girls, who I strive to raise strong fierce ladies & soon to be bosses. The ‘don’ts’, followed by the ‘do’s’




The bravery in the guts & glory

Dear Elle & Enne,

Don’t be afraid to step on toes. You want it, go get it. Someone else wants the same thing, wish them well & mentally prep yourself and say “I deserve this too”. You will learn, that as nice as it is to be nice and fair to everyone, life does not always work that way. Life and positions are filled with competition. There is always typically a winner, runner ups, & honourable mentions. You may as well this early on in life. It’ll save you heartache in the long run, trust me.
Never feel the peer pressure to step down from something you want to pursue just because somebody said you weren’t good enough, tall enough, strong enough, or tough enough. Be bold and fierce in what you want. Use both your voice and actions to go for what you want.
It isn’t about just saying something- because all talk and no game is cheap. Doing what you set out to do is admirable; but saying what you want out loud AND going for it is guts & bravery. I want you to be brave. I want you be all about guts and glory. Because, that, my girls, is how girlbosses grow.

P.S.  Congrats Elle on graduating kindergarten.

Love, Mom.






Defining your intentions for the day during THE GOOD, THE BAD, & THE UGLY.

“Today is the day I…….”


Today is the day I……
Show a random & spontaneous act of kindness towards BOTH an important person/ peeps in my life & a stranger without expecting anything in return.
❤️ Buy someone coffee the way they like it

❤️Bring someone their favourite dessert after a rough day or week

❤️ Tell them that you thought about them after walking by a building that reminded them of you or a coffee shop you used to frequent



❤️ Tell them that you still have a sticky note they wrote you years ago

❤️  Bring them their favourite food when you buy food for yourself….even when they say they don’t want anything. They can always eat it later.

❤️ Give up your donut & trade for another when the person behinds you want the donut you have in your box but the store ran out of it.


❤️ Help the mom who is having a hard time pushing her new born in a stroller while her older kid runs ahead

❤️ Compliment how awesome someone’s work is on their Instagram account

* side note- these are all things I’ve done in the past few weeks. I promise, it Feels  fantabulous doing any of these actions. Gratitude & thoughtfulness is contagious.

Today is the day I…….
Divulge in all the chips and desserts because tomorrow is another day to reset & start fresh.
👉🏼 know that today’s pitfalls do not define who you are; & there is always another chance to try. ( or not try) again.
I indulged in lots of ketchup chips & onion ring chips as I felt sorry for myself that one day…I may have also bought more jewelry that I did not need 😜

👉🏼Side note- thank goodness for snapchat filters that make light of things & make things look better than they really are.

Today  is the day I …..
👉🏼 absolutely stop Comparing myself to someone else’s progress. Jealousy is a bitch with a nasty stench.




Cards with a twist of sarcasm & humour to lighten up life’s shitty occurrences. And of course, They are a work in process. I’ve also decided that I need more thank you cards; Cutesy card that say “thank you” in multiple ways. You can never say thank you enough times.

🌈Yes- there is one on break ups;
🌈Yes there’s one on falling flat on your face; &
🌈Yes there are ones on friendship.

I’m really excited about them. Stay tuned. The work is already brewing.



The weekly review- week 2

I’m Soiree, not sorry               Celebrating, unapologetically

The weekly review- Week 2

Approximately 14 days in and it’s slowly becoming habit- the daily blogging (or at least knowing what each daily post is going to be about- the literal posts may be delayed by a day or two) and continuing to build my mindfulness skill set.

I had to re-visit what my week 1 review said. Ironically, the two items which I struggled the most with last week were my 2 strengths this week- “physical activity” & “pay it forward”. As it happened, this was unintentional. I did not seek out to improve those 2 deficits this week. But just like magic, coincidentally, these areas were strengthened.

This week, I conquered winter running, a bucket list I’ve been procrastinating for years. And in a couple blog posts this past week, “kindness” & “paying it forward” really resonated.

Without getting in too much detail, this week has been bombarded with not so good news. But, …. what I can say is this….despite being bombarded with unexpected & unpleasant occurrences, finding those moments of kindness  given by others, as well as finding those pockets of moments to give kindness to others, has made life that much more bearable. I was also able to find a new hardcore physical activity (winter running) that allowed me decompress this week with life shenanigans. And maybe life, as my mantra says (celebrating unapologetically) , is about learning to deal with life’s both delightful & unpleasant incidences the best way you know how…and maybe, there really is no right or wrong way to ride out these delightful or unpleasant occurrences.

Here’s to week 3 #Soireeprojectgrowth





I’m Soiree, Not sorry                 Celebrating, unapologetically 


#Mindgamestrong. The ability to use your mind to hustle hard.

It was a cold day (12.05.17). Actually, the coldest day thus far. But I had brought all my winter running gear with me. And it took forever to pack up my stuff.

In true Soiree fashion, I teetered back and forth on the decision…the decision as to whether I should run or not.

I had at least 9 great reasons why i shouldn’t go for my run; some of them included- it was uber cold, the wind is howling, I’ve never really done winter running before so why start now on the coldest day so far. The reasons were compelling. But one of my colleagues, a colleague that knows about my desire to pursue winter running, and whom also actually does winter running themselves, encouraged me to go for it and reminded me of my overarching goal of running a hyperthermic run. They also pointed out that since I brought the proper apparel, I should just do it!

Well…as it worked out, this one reason was enough to override the other ‘at least 9 other reasons’ why I shouldn’t go for my run. And I’m forever grateful that I had that one reason.

Within minutes of starting my run, I knew I made the right decision. Halfway through, I was elated-I was finally doing what I initially set out to do. After the 2 mile run in -27 degree celicus weather, I was smiling ear to ear. 1 day later, I’m still on top of the world & in awe that I DID IT. (as seen in the PhotoGrid pic in featured image).

For one,  I detest being cold. And second, I have a lot of self-doubt when something involves doing something crazy, like running for the first time in the cold, on the coldest day of the year.

Its amazing how powerful the mind can be. But what’s more amazing is how one tiny gesture of encouragement can be everything; that it can be the difference between doing nothing or pursuing something great.

And then the other piece of the puzzle, once you get to the point of going all in, is to psyche yourself and tell yourself repetitively that “you got this”.

#Mindgamestrong. The ability to use your mind to hustle hard. Your ability to cognitively push through the barriers and odds against you to come out on top. #Mindgamestrong.

I have to give credit to the power of influence people  have with respect to your mind game strength. Those peeps are like the wind to the flame, which can can ignite & bring that fire to life….But at the end of the day, it really is up to the person to sustain that fire once the fire gets going. #Mindgamestrong

Where does the story begin

I’m Soiree, not sorry
Celebrating, unapologetically

Where does the story begin?

We all have a story. And every story has beginnings. And when you’ve come a long way, it is beautiful to reflect how the journey began.
I saw this phrase painted on a wall two days ago (as featured in the picture above) ; & it was very symbolic of where my headspace was at.

Take a moment to appreciate all the highs and lows of how you got to where you are. It isn’t always about having a great ride throughout the whole duration of time. You wouldn’t be the person you are without the entirety of the whole. And maybe you wouldn’t be as strong or resilient if you didn’t have those bumpy moments. And when you have those great moments, they can be a reminder of what you have….. and what you can have. This applies to relationships, your career, your dreams, and everything else in between.

Life, and loss, makes you reflect how you currently spend your time on, & makes you appreciate what you want to make time for & what you don’t want to waste your time on.

Just as stories have beginnings, they too have an ending. But what I am learning is that endings can be the start of a new beginning or a new journey. Or maybe the journey is about continuing on the path but in a slightly different direction.

Beginnings –> endings –> create new beginnings
Funny how life comes in full circle.

The pleasantries of the unexpected

I’m Soiree, not sorry
Celebrating, unapologetically

The pleasantries of the unexpected

On my desk was an unexpected, (but pleasant )surprise. The best gestures are the ones that are done “just because”; when there’s no ulterior motivations behind the  gesture. In this day in age, where skepticism and doubt is almost the norm, it is sometimes hard to fathom that there are just genuine, kind souls that actually do exist. But the one thing my heart is opening up to more, especially now that I am trying to at least be cognizant, and ideally practice a daily act of ‘paying it forward’ , the more my mind is opening up to the idea that maybe there are all sorts of genuine acts happening all the time, if only I open up my eyes to see them.
The unexpected piece of knowledge that is starting to unfold within this #soireeprojectgrowth, is that there is soooooo much good in this world,….and that there is so much good to give;  & there are sooo many people doing good things for us all the time,…and yet they can often go unnoticed when our blinders are constantly focused and immersed in the non-stop, go-go-go of today’s cultural pace.

It’s not about seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses, it’s about seeing the world (and people) at face value for what they truly are.
I challenge you to find those unexpected pleasantries,…because maybe, just maybe, you will then realize how present “the good” is in your life (whatever that “good in your life is”); & how that goodness  can multiply exponentially.

Blasting from the past

 I’m Soiree, not sorry,            Celebrating unapologetically 

Blasting from the past

Memories can pop up with the simple senses: a song, a phrase, a scent, an environment.

One of my prompts in my daily journal is “one memory”.

If it’s one thing this recent family death has emphasized for me, it is to think about all the feel-good childhood and adolescent (& even early adulthood)  memories that make you think about the person who passed away.

In a go-go type of world, it is sooo easy to just live life with each fleeting moment without taking a moment to pause; and think. Intentionally. And my world , right now, is just go go go go go go!!!

So here’s to intentional memory-tripping. Among this chaos that goes on your head during time of grief, there must be time to think about the good memories to keep you going. Imagine a world where you sat and immersed yourself in a ‘feel-good’ moment in your life Oma daily basis? Or imagine wher doing ‘blast from the past’ was just common practice?

I’m curious to see where this daily journey takes me. I have to admit, intentional seeking the of “one memory” is challenging, but I anticipate it gets easier with practice. And I anticipate that the more I think about the past, the more I will  have more gratitude.

Thankful- Little gestures turned grand

I’m Soiree, not sorry         Celebrating, unapologetically

Thankful for little gestures turned grand

Today is Thanksgiving in US today.

So how fitting is it to be thankful and grateful for the beautiful things in our life.

Today, in particular, I AM THANKFUL FOR:

🙏🏽 That greeting card I received from a friend who wrote that I was in their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

🙏🏽The “thank you” I got from another friend, who told me I was always supportive of her and for being a good friend.

🙏🏽The text  I got from my friend who remembered & asked how my first day back at work was (since the passing of my grandmother).

🙏🏽The simple “how are you” from that friend who showed genuine interest in my wellbeing & stood there to listen to  my story, even when they had somewhere else to be.

🙏🏽When someone noticed I hadn’t been in the office the last few days, which tells me my presence does go noticed.

🙏🏽 My kids & husband, who are always there to brighten my day no matter how the rest of my day is going. They are the epitome of unconditional love!

🙏🏽 My parents and siblings, who have put up with my shenanigans all my life, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

🙏🏽My friends turned into family. They are the people  I choose to let in through these walls of mine.

I am grateful for the strong support system I have,  who are there for me day in and day out in their own little way.

Those everyday gestures that may seem very small, actually do matter & make a huge difference. A simple smile and genuine greeting goes a long way.

Today I am very cognizant of everything that I am grateful for. Part of this #soireeprojectgrowth involves identifying something I am grateful for each and everyday.

How wonderful it is to practice the art of gratitude.

Happy thanksgiving!