I’m Soiree, Not sorry                 Celebrating, unapologetically 


#Mindgamestrong. The ability to use your mind to hustle hard.

It was a cold day (12.05.17). Actually, the coldest day thus far. But I had brought all my winter running gear with me. And it took forever to pack up my stuff.

In true Soiree fashion, I teetered back and forth on the decision…the decision as to whether I should run or not.

I had at least 9 great reasons why i shouldn’t go for my run; some of them included- it was uber cold, the wind is howling, I’ve never really done winter running before so why start now on the coldest day so far. The reasons were compelling. But one of my colleagues, a colleague that knows about my desire to pursue winter running, and whom also actually does winter running themselves, encouraged me to go for it and reminded me of my overarching goal of running a hyperthermic run. They also pointed out that since I brought the proper apparel, I should just do it!

Well…as it worked out, this one reason was enough to override the other ‘at least 9 other reasons’ why I shouldn’t go for my run. And I’m forever grateful that I had that one reason.

Within minutes of starting my run, I knew I made the right decision. Halfway through, I was elated-I was finally doing what I initially set out to do. After the 2 mile run in -27 degree celicus weather, I was smiling ear to ear. 1 day later, I’m still on top of the world & in awe that I DID IT. (as seen in the PhotoGrid pic in featured image).

For one,  I detest being cold. And second, I have a lot of self-doubt when something involves doing something crazy, like running for the first time in the cold, on the coldest day of the year.

Its amazing how powerful the mind can be. But what’s more amazing is how one tiny gesture of encouragement can be everything; that it can be the difference between doing nothing or pursuing something great.

And then the other piece of the puzzle, once you get to the point of going all in, is to psyche yourself and tell yourself repetitively that “you got this”.

#Mindgamestrong. The ability to use your mind to hustle hard. Your ability to cognitively push through the barriers and odds against you to come out on top. #Mindgamestrong.

I have to give credit to the power of influence people  have with respect to your mind game strength. Those peeps are like the wind to the flame, which can can ignite & bring that fire to life….But at the end of the day, it really is up to the person to sustain that fire once the fire gets going. #Mindgamestrong


Author: Soiree Frills Co.

Passionate about celebrating (big or small) milestones throughout the lifespan. Adding a splash of FRILL and fun to your celebrations. Pursuing the dream of "do what you love". And I love coffee and running.

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