The relay race


I’m Soiree, not sorry
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The relay race

One of my favourite childhood memories from elementary school is doing relay races. I loved the idea of handing off the baton to your team mate and cheering each other on; or patting each other to tell you you are doing a great job, even when you trip or fall behind the other teams.

Getting through a LOOOONNNGGG race is only possible when you have a team to hand off that baton. You will get tired. You will need a physical and emotional break to re-charge. You will need that water break.

And it’s always good to know who’s great at what & know each other’s strengths are. For example, I love setting the pace, therefore I know I like to go first. And I also know I don’t like being the anchor….( or last one). Sometimes the excruciating pressure to finish well can get to me and cause a few stumbles. And there are people who love being anchor. So guess who gets to be the finisher? Yup, that person who loves doing just that!
Being in a relay race with your team is like family. They are your essentials to get through this thing called life. They will pick up the parts where their strengths are better in certain aspects.They will cheer you on when you are doing great. And they will tell you when you need to pick up the pace when you are falling short of your game. They are the ones who will shed those same sweat and tears during your run. And they are the ones that make the defeats less isolating, the victories that much sweeter, and the the game much more meaningful. And when you are lucky, you will get to run with the same relay race team throughout multiple (victorious an some not-so-victorious) relay races.

Run. Baton. Handoff. Refresh. Repeat.


Author: Soiree Frills Co.

Passionate about celebrating (big or small) milestones throughout the lifespan. Adding a splash of FRILL and fun to your celebrations. Pursuing the dream of "do what you love". And I love coffee and running.

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