Pause….for your world will wait when you are ready

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Pause….for your world will wait when you are ready

It wouldn’t be real if I never blogged about sh*tty moments & how there will be circumstances when you want to revert into your cocoon.

This has been a weird week full of mixed emotions. Loss…grief…anger…all very real emotions & all too difficult to blog out. So today, I am going to talk about pausing.

In my world, “to pause” and stop is a very foreign & rare concept in my life. If you know me well, I am constantly on the go, I am always brewing up ideas, & I am always busy. I half jokingly tell my friends that I really don’t know how to relax. That fast pace momentum has always been my lifestyle choice (Yes, I’ve come to terms that the busy-ness I choose is a choice).

In my last blog post, I wrote about “Keep going for the world will keep on truckin”. While my life philosophies centre around the need to “persist through life’s challenges”& that “life waits for no one”, there are many instances when life will throw you curveballs & defy those philosophies. These past few weeks, my go-go-go pace was intersected by the reality that humans are not immortal. Loss can strike a real chord in you, even when it isn’t directly your loss. A family’s loss is also a loss for you.

Hitting that “pause” button is much needed in times of loss. Mindfulness and intentional pausing is tough because it requires the art of tuning out the background noise while being fully aware of your internal sensations. A big part of it is also giving yourself permission to carve out time to “just be” without an agenda or the need to meet a deadline, or the need to be or give to someone else. Mindfulness & self-care is purely about YOU.

I have done a lot of self-reflection this past week and integrating more alone time than typically. In relation to my journey as a novice entrepreneur, this time of reflection has done wanders. People were not kidding when they say that some of their great works has come from places of sadness & darkness. Think of the greatest love songs; many which were created during heartbreak &  mourning. These past few weeks, I have been inspired from artfully curated quotes I’ve seen on other social media feeds that resonate within my heart, I’ve worked on putting emotions onto paper (through various mediums ranging from writing, drawing, & colouring), & openly shared some of my new found perspectives.

This week I have no tips for the novice entrepreneur; just purely insights that have come my way this past week.  Recognizing life lessons and facing reality is still part of that journey as a small business owner, regardless if it is directly related to your business. But one thing I take away from this whole concept of pausing is this: when your world gets sad & hopeless, look to others who can shed a shred of light in your world. For there is so much good and hope in the world and within others. Others can be your strength until you are ready. Sometimes that place of pain can ignite richness (within others & within you) that you never knew could be. And while, inevitably, the world will continue to move on around you, take all the time you need to pause, for your world (& all the people that make up your world) will wait for you when you are ready.

Motivation of the week: The hope & belief that time can heal all wounds; and that strength & resilience is built from difficulties & pain.

Always me,


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Pause. Stop. Breathe. Live.

Dear Elle & Enne,

Pause. Stop. Breathe. Live. Sometimes momma needs a reminder herself to do all these things. And perhaps, this is something you can remind me every now and then in my hustle bustle lifestyle.

During those long endless days when I am exhausted & crave for easier days to come when the two of you grow up, I am reminded time & time again that I really don’t want you to grow up. I love those chubby cheeks and tiny toes and tiny fingers and those coos only reserved for mama. Even today when I look at baby photos of you, I miss how tiny you were.

But I know that isn’t reality. You can’t stay babies forever. You will grow up, whether I am ready to accept it or not.

So today, my advice for the both of you is this: Don’t let others rush you into things. Don’t allow others dictate to you that you have to make a decision right then & there. Don’t grow up too quickly; for you have the rest of your life to be an adult. Pause when you need a moment; stop when you need a break. Breathe in a fresh of breath air; Live in the moment. It is the time that you have now.

Love, Mom


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