Keep on truckin’ for traffic ain’t stoppin’

Boss: Know no bounds

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Keep on truckin’ for traffic ain’t stoppin’

Life is hard, life is messy, and I guarantee you there will be roadblocks that get in the way of you getting to where you want to. But one thing I’ve learnt for sure is that if you truly want your business to keep on going, then you as a business owner must also keep on going. If you don’t go ahead and keep doing what you do and/ or do what you love, then someone else is gonna be doing what you wanna do instead of you.

Fatigue, sleepless nights with the kiddos, hectic work days at my other work gig, & need to balance other personal goals (at this stage in life anyway) precedes my side hustle. It’s hard to maintain focus or momentum when attention or progress seems fragmented.

One thing that keeps me going is the encouragement & re-enforcement I encounter from others when I complete a craft project. While I am often a person of intrinsic motivation, the external sources  of motivation is my injection of momentum that propels me forward when the going gets tough. However, I know fully well that extrinsic sources of motivation can only go so far. According to Wikipedia (I currently do not have a list of scientific articles at the snap of my fingers; though that is on my bucket list), extrinsic motivation is defined as the performance of activity to achieve a desired external outcome, such as  obtaining a reward or prize (ie. Cleaning the house to get allowance money). On the other hand, intrinsic motivation is the end result of doing something to obtain a positive inner feeling (ie. Helping someone because it gives you a “fuzzy feel-good feeling”).

Here are some tips I use to ignite those intrinsic sources of motivation (in other words, these are the outcomes I keep in mind to help me get through those moments whenI wanna give up):

  1. Getting sh*t generally feels good, therefore I try to keep that mantra that if I do It (whatever I set myself to do), I will feel better.
  2. Remind myself that when I don’t take the moments to craft as my down time, I feel like I haven’t had “me time”. No “me time” equates to feeling exhausted; & I need that extra surge of activity to feel productive in my life.
  3. Keep myself accountable by ensuring I have products or content to post on my social media accounts.
  4. I automatically feel better about the monies I spent on craft items if I actually use them; therefore I often tell myself that I’ll feel more justified in my purchase if I craft with that item. This usually gets me pretty excited!
  5. I picture where I want to be; and remind myself that small amounts of daily efforts will go a long way in the bigger scheme of things. This visualization of my future self is often enough to get me going…of course along with a dose of coffee !
  6. The frequent reminders that life is full of hardships & that it is okay to hit those little curveballs. I allow myself a day (or maybe two) days of pity parties and then I tell myself it’s time to move on.
  7. 7. Remind myself that if I don’t get on the train, the train will leave without out me.

Sometimes putting in a good movie; or listening to motivating music gets me going. Next blog post will be my top resources I use that helps me propel forward.

Motivation of the week: Coupons. Awesome coupons have been popping up at Michaels. But in order for me to justify buying more crafts, I tell myself that I have to use what I currently have.

Always me,


Boss-in-training: No-no bounds

(The blog for my growing girls, who I strive to raise strong fierce ladies & soon-to-be bosses- The ‘don’ts’, followed by the ‘do’s’)

Don’t get stuck in that muck

Dear Elle & Enne,

You will encounter hiccups; you will hit roadblocks; there will moments when you wanna give up. There will be people who tell you “No” & there will be instances when you start having self-doubt . The toughest is when you start doubting yourself.  I dread the day when either of you come home and tell me that you have given up. I hope that with hard work & perseverance, you will see that hard work pays off.

Don’t ever let yourself to believe that you can’t do something; don’t let that negative voice shadow your abilities and goals. Will it get hard? Yes. Will there be days that will exhaust you emotionally & physically? Absolutely. Are there gonna be days when you wanna throw in the towel? For sure. But the best part about persevering and pushing through is the sweet taste of accomplishment after the sweat & tears.

Growing up, the best quote I ever heard about hardship was this: “And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through…you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about”- Haruki Murakami.

You will hit many storms throughout your lifetime; obviously some calmer than others. May you embrace the challenges, may you embrace the rain, for nothing in this life is easy. So keep on going….And as long as I’m your mother, I will always try to make you see the rainbows out of every rainfall and storm.

Love, Mom


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Passionate about celebrating (big or small) milestones throughout the lifespan. Adding a splash of FRILL and fun to your celebrations. Pursuing the dream of "do what you love". And I love coffee and running.

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