Quitting you is like quitting coffee; can’t do it

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Quitting you is like quitting coffee; can’t do it

This week was love week! And as you may have already figured out, I love all holidays. It is an excuse and reason to celebrate. I am a big fan of celebrating all things big and small…Because I am a true believer that yes, everything is a big deal. So whenever there is a holiday, be it cliché, I’m all about the cliché and oh so ‘over-rated’.

So to celebrate LOVE day, I made these cute coffee cards, entitled “Quitting you is like quitting coffee; can’t do it”. They actually did quite well & I sold a handful of this particular one this season.

Anyway, I was inspired one day, as I was sitting sipping my cup of coffee, listening to people rant about the upcoming Valentines season (which made me feel ridiculously silly because I am one of those people that looooove Vday & everything that goes along with the holiday). Anyway, I got to thinking that people shouldn’t have to be apologetic about the things they love & things they do. Yes- people are entitled to their thoughts & feelings & practices; but people shouldn’t be shamed for feeling & being the way they do about certain things. And then it got me thinking….I’ve spent many many years trying to quit all these little vices I’ve been made to feel badly about. Yes, while I agree that there are certain vices that need to be curbed to the side, I feel that maybe it’s about BALANCE….especially if it is about something you truly cannot give up.

So I am dedicating today’s issue of my blog to all those things I cannot give up (but oh…have I tried dearly giving them up many a time since I have been made to feel silly about these things over the years)…and I must say, it is these very vices that make me who I am… and frankly, helped me along my business journey as an entrepreneur. These are my top 5 things I cannot quit:

  1. Starbucks coffee– In my young university days, I fell in love with Starbucks coffee & everything about the Starbucks ambiance, particularly when I lived right across the street from a Starbucks. It became my home of studying sessions, coffee dates (man, if only those walls could talk), random chitchats with strangers, and now my place of solace where I write. Despite the overinflated coffee prices, I wholeheartedly will choose Starbucks anytime. Many of my ideas and inspirations have come from sitting in a Starbucks. Maybe that’s why I am inclined to hit up a Starbucks on any given moment?
  2. Cliché holidays- If there is a holiday to celebrate something, I will participate in any shape or form. Life is too serious and full of sadness, that I need to celebrate life’s little happiness moments. Yes- if there is a national doughnut day (which I know exists), you know I will run to a donut shop, take a picture, post on Instagram, and then maybe snap a video of me eating the piece of goodness. Sugar cookies-yup, I can bake it to celebrate the occasion (Goodness knows I’ve accumulated all sorts of types & shapes of cookie cutters). Custom banners to say it? Sure, I’ve made all sorts of banner sayings over the years (and ones that cannot be bought at the store for that matter). Greeting cards- yes- more to come in the year on custom designs. I’m all about cliché holidays, and particularly gift giving on these cliché holidays.
  3. Half glass full- Yes, I am the eternal optimist! But what other choice is there? To be negative & live life in fear full of shouldacouldawoulda? No, that option does not appeal to me at all. While yes I agree that people who are super bubbly can be annoying, I would rather be that annoying person full of hope & optimism than the person full of doom & gloom. And when people tell you that life must’ve been so easy all your life and that everything comes your way, which explains why you are an optimistic person, they have no idea. But that’s okay. At the end of the day, optimism is a choice & people can choose which way they look at that glass, life circumstances and all.
  4. Seeing things as if they were my first time- Ever watch a kid see something for the first time? Ever watch how their eyes widen with wander as they gleefully say “WOW!” I try to see every moment this way. In a way, every moment in your life is as if it is for the first time because each day is a new day. Perhaps this is why everything seems so exciting to me, even the most monotonous task. When I am asked “How do you have the patience for that”, I really don’t have an answer other than I love doing it and it really does seem exciting to me. When I’ve been to a place a million times, I never tire of it. Everything that I do really seems like an adventure to me.
  5. Learning- I am an avid learner. I am addicted to school. Never thought I would say this..but I will forever be a student. There is something about the thrill of learning new information, challenging your knowledge, having deadlines, and keeping up with learning trends. I am addicted to courses & projects…which is why I am always so busy! I am always so keen to learn what people are reading, what people are listening to, what apps they use, & what tools they craft with. While I am a big fan of learning through reading, the majority of my learning is through people. People teach people; werd!

Always me,


Boss-in-training: No-no bounds

(The blog for my growing girls, who I strive to raise strong fierce ladies & soon-to-be bosses- The ‘don’ts’, followed by the ‘do’s’

Don’t quite your inner child

Don’t quit your dream; don’t quit your learning; don’t quit your inner child. For it is these three things that will carry through the magic in your childhood and throughout the lifespan. People will tell you to “quit it”…and for whatever reason as people age, they stop looking at life through rose-coloured glasses; and start looking at the world through shades of dark grey. Don’t give up on rainbows and unicorns because the world needs a little bit of colour now and then.

Dear Elle & Enne,

I love your sense of innocence & willingness to try different things. You both are so fearless at this age, which is both exciting (and terrifying) for your mom. I sometimes sit back and think how lucky you guys are to have that wonderment in life. I hope so dearly that you hang on to that. As you age, there will be people who will try to quiet yourinner child & make you see things with a more negative lens. While I don’t want you to live in a naïve world, I pray that you continue to see the world for all the wonderful things that it is and what it can be. Don’t let people sway you in feeling bad for loving what you do and loving what you love to do. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do something. And most importantly, don’t let people tell you that magic isn’t real. What I want you to both know is that if you believe in something & want to do something, go for it. Everybody is entitled to their beliefs and choices; which means that you have right and choice to do/ believe/ choose what you want to do, even if it means it is different from others. I believe in magic. And I believe in the magic you bring to the world.

Love, Mom


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Passionate about celebrating (big or small) milestones throughout the lifespan. Adding a splash of FRILL and fun to your celebrations. Pursuing the dream of "do what you love". And I love coffee and running.

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